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I taught finance and I can tell you that what I (or any teacher) will be looking for are the practical applications of the course material.  For a better grade, consider the emphasis the instructor gave to certain areas of instruction in that class. You should have a sense of what areas were felt to be more important or areas where your instructor seemed better versed in teaching. Select a topic that lends to the instructors' talents, interests, concerns and expertise. That will be harder to snow them, but they won't expect you to perform beyond the course level.

I agree with the aspect of finding the optimal point of leverage as it will allow you to utilize more principles of finance and economics than running a specific model in forecasting (unless the class was financial forecasting).

You'll be considering forecasting from pro forma assumptions, opportunity costs, alternative investments, cash flow, regulatory issues, use of cash, timing aspects, optimum liquidation analysis, maturity distributions of assets for liquidity, debt management and interest rate risk exposure. Won't list each chapter, but you'll have a lot of leeway for objective and subjective analysis and moreover, commentary for opinions.

If it's good enough, you might touch it up as a book for small investors, LOL.

Including different sources of financing is a good thought, however I doubt you can drill that deep into these sources as to their functioning requirements and how that applies to the borrower's planning in two months.  I'd suggest you include sources of financing bit not go into how they operate rather than staying on your side of the fence as a consumer or use of funds.

When you get your topic nailed down I'd be happy to give a little guidance if you need it, but no, I'm not doing it for you.... 

Good luck and study well!  :)  

A few dissertation topic examples that our Property dissertation writers have covered include:

  • Barriers to adoption of Green Leases in UK commercial property market
  • Commercial property markets have bottomed out – now is a good time to invest. Discuss
  • Legislation on land and property in England and Wales
  • Equity, Trusts and Property Law: case study

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