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Exercise and Sports Science Personal Statement

For the last three years I have lived and studied in Spain. During this time I have attended 'X' School in Valencia and have successfully completed my IGCSEs. I am now studying for my International Baccalaureate, which is preparing me well for the discipline of studying at University, as the student is required to write a number of lengthy essays on various subjects. This coursework involves writing my own title to the essay, researching the topic thoroughly and formulating my own opinion. In addition to the subjects I am studying, I have been writing a 4,000 word extended essay on the technology in golf and its affect on a player's performance which I have found enjoyable and challenging.

I have always been interested in competing in a number of sports and have enjoyed many varied activities such as football, athletics, cricket, hockey, netball, basketball and softball. However, along with my school studies I successfully play golf to a very high standard and I am very committed to the sport and would like to have a fulfilling career in the world of golf. I practise daily and play in club, Valencia Federation and International competitions. I ended 2006 season in the top five under 21 ladies in Valencia. (Valencia is the region formed by the provinces of Valencia, Castellon and Alicante). During the last three years I have brought my handicap down from 20 to three and I am working hard to lower this still further. My aim is to be a zero handicap within the next twelve months.

Discovering a different culture and learning a new language alongside making many Spanish friends has been a very positive experience for me. However, I now wish to pursue my future career at a University in England. A degree in a sport related subject would complement my ambition to become a professional golfer, either in a playing or teaching capacity. I feel that all aspects of the course will benefit me in my future career as I am also very interested in discovering more about the science that allows the athlete to perform at the peak of their ability. I am also looking forward to gaining further knowledge of sport psychology as the game of golf is not solely about skill but also the state of mind and approach to the game. I would like to develop this area in relation to my own performance.

With the University's commitment to a high performance golf programme and being part of the R & A Foundation Institution Awards, I believe that this will offer me the ideal opportunity to study for a sport related degree, coupled with the facilities for coaching and playing golf on a regular basis at club, County, National and International level.


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