Criminal Investigation Assignment 4 Ashworth

Kimberly S. McGhee AC1110039Assignment 04/ S04 Human Growth and Development IIMay 14, 2016The motivation behind task is to comprehend the human development connected with every life cycle bunch. There are aggregate of eight age bunches while each has its own phase of improvement and related undertakings. The primary age gathering is of newborn children and therelated phase of improvement is trusts versus question. The advancement assignment related withgiven age gathering is to give connection and holding. The rest age gathering is of early youth and the phase of advancement incorporates Autonomy versus Disgrace and uncertainty. The advancement undertaking for this gathering is to have poky preparing and self-upkeep.Identity Amid youth (age 12 to 18 yrs.), the move from adolescence to adulthood is generally vital. Youngsters are turning out to be more autonomous, and start to take a gander at the future as far as profession, connections, families, lodging, and so on. The individual needs to have a place with a general public and fit in. This is a noteworthy stage being developed where the kid needs to take in the parts he will involve as a grown-up. It is amid this phase the juvenile will reevaluate his personality and attempt to discover precisely who he or she is. Two characters are included: the sexual and the word related. (Cameron, 2002)

Sharon E. Smith AC1308324 J01E Introduction to Criminal Justice Assignment #4 December 10, 2015 Feminist criminology came about because criminology mainly focused on male criminals and the crimes that they were committing as well as a perceived disregard of women in traditional crime studies. Criminology is the study of crime and criminal justice while covering a variety of topics. But those of the feminist school of thought say that the principal theories of criminality have been developed, validated and focused on male subjects. This form of sexism influences sentencing, punishment, and imprisonment of women who are criminals yet described as “mad” instead. Over the years there has been a vastly different approach to how females are being handled within the criminal justice system. Feminism has expanded into a diverse set of perspectives and agendas each based on different definitions of the problem. Collectively, they share a concern with identifying and representing women’s interests. Liberal feminism calls for women’s equality of opportunity. It is the individualistic form which focuses on women’s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. (Simpson,1989:606) Liberals believe men and women can work together to blend male and female traits and characteristics and eliminate outdated policies and practices that discriminate against women. Until a meritocratic gender restructuring of society


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