100% Homework Award Chart

Confession time: I have been a bit of a helicopter parent when it comes to homework. The kids walk in the door, and I ask them for their homework folders. I look through all of their papers and have a scheduled homework time to get it all done. Some of this is good. That said, I have realized that my kids don’t take initiative and haven’t developed their own motivation to get their work done. It can be a battle, and I want them to begin to take responsibility for their own learning. I don’t want homework time to be a constant source of tension in our relationship. Yes, I am there to aid them as they develop in this area, but I have realized that they need to learn to care about their homework more than I do. I want to tell you a little bit more about why I decided to create this free homework reward chart for my kids. I also encourage you to visit my post called “5 Simple Ways to Improve Homework Time” to learn more about some of the actions I take to set up kids for success while they work on homework.

While I’m trying to let go of control when it comes to homework time I’m having small heart palpitations. Not really, but there is some internal stress involved. I explained to the kids they’d be taking responsibility for their homework time. If they don’t get their work done, they will suffer the consequences. It will mean they won’t get Friday fun day in class because they’ll have to finish their packet. They will risk having reduced points or incomplete assignments. I believe it’s good for kids to learn to suffer consequences and not be rescued. It helps them grow. So, where do the heart palpitations come in? They’re not taking the initiative to do it on their own…at least not this week since we have started. I know they haven’t yet suffered the consequences, so I’m hoping the motivation comes. While I believe it’s good to let them experience consequences, I never said it was simple.

In ways it has become easier around the house. There’s not as much nagging to get stuff done. I’m not forcing them to sit in one spot until their work is complete. On the other hand, I’m shocked they’re not wanting to get it done. I was a pretty self-motivated student and the thought of not getting an assignment done just wasn’t an option in my mind. So, to watch my kids play and galavant around knowing that this homework is all going to pile up on them isn’t easy. So, for me right now it’s an internal struggle.

I should probably wait and see how things play out with this, but I’m also developing a plan B, which is where this free homework reward chart comes into play.

Should you do Reward with your Children?

No, I do not think kids should be rewarded for everything. I actually really try and limit how many rewards are offered because I want them to do things just because it is right or good. That said, I do think there is a benefit to easing relationships and tensions by offering some external rewards. Some of my philosophy is played out in my belief about chores found here. Essentially, I see rewards in life experienced in a couple ways: intrinsically and externally. There is the internal reward where we feel good when we do something nice, work hard or achieve. There are also external awards that are received which can include monetary benefits, compliments, promotions or good grades. Because I see these two types of rewards played out in real life, I think it is perfectly acceptable to have this modeled in our home.

Yes, there are things we expect of our children. They have responsibilities and we should help them learn to experience that good feeling you get from doing the right thing just because. We don’t want to raise a generation that feels entitled to something just because they’ve done what they should. There are also times, however, where they can receive some form of compensation and external celebration for the work they have accomplished. You might choose to do this in your home to motivate, ease tension or because you want your child to learn to earn things.

Free Homework Reward Chart

This free homework reward chart (click on link to print) was created, in our home, to act as motivation. I like to motivate my kids by offering special time with me. Therefore, I am going to have it so that if they do a bit of their homework every day without me asking then they get special one-on-one time with me on the weekend. This doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be extra story time at night, a game, a puzzle or a trip to the store together. Another option is to use this chart without any reward attached at all. The feedback emojis might feel like reward enough to your child. You could also do a bonus reward if they complete their homework daily for five weeks in a row.

What are the feedback emojis? I decided to make printable feedback emojis too. I want my kids to communicate how homework is going for them, and this is one why they can do it. At the end of the month you can evaluate how they feel about doing homework. You can communicate with their teachers about their feelings and how to improve it if there are concerns. I printed out this emoji printable provided on sticker printer paper (affiliate) so that my kids could cut them out and add them as stickers. You could print them out on normal paper and have them cut and glue. Another option is to just buy reward stickers (affiliate) or simply draw faces of their own emotions on the homework chart.

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100 Percent Club Sticker Charts

Perfect For Recording Effort, Attendance, and Spelling Tests

100 Percent Club Sticker Charts
Teaching Resources Set


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A very DETAILED description about these
100% Sticker Charts is provided below.

100% Club Sticker Charts: Your students will be enthusiastic about joining the 100% Club!

There are 20 boxes for you to place stickers inside of on these 100% shaped templates. You can use these incentive charts for any goal that you choose. Your students will be eager to earn their next sticker on their chart and reach their target of getting 20 stickers on these 100 percent sticker charts.

These 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts provide you with everything that you need to encourage your students to reach the target of 20 that you set for them. You could use these 100 percent sticker charts for a variety of different purposes: spelling, homework, reading sight words, memorizing math facts, or any other theme in your classroom curriculum.

Students will enjoy taking their completed 100 Percent sticker charts home with them when they have reached their goals and sharing this achievement with their parents. The parents of your students will appreciate the extra effort that you have put into positively reinforcing your students to work hard in your classroom.

100% Club Sticker Charts Set:
What's Included?

This set of teaching resources includes 8 different colored 100% templates and a black and white template to choose from. These 100% sticker chart templates measure 10 inches in width and 5.5 inches in height.

I have designed the boxes inside the sticker chart to fit the standard small stickers that many teachers use. If you do not have these small stickers, you can draw a smiley face or place a check mark inside each box.

I personally like to print out the color templates, and I make a class set using a variety of the 7 different primary colors (you could also print out an entire class set of the bright rainbow template). I give each student a sticker chart and have them write their name and date in those sections. Then, I laminate these 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts. By doing this, later when I take each student's sticker chart off of my bulletin board, the chart does not accidentally rip. I also think that it looks impressive to parents to send home these colored laminated sticker chart templates when they are completed so that my students can post them in their bedroom, or on the refrigerator, as a sign of their achievement.

I realize that not all teachers are able to print out color templates for each of their students, so I have provided a black and white template of this chart. You can have your students color their 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts themselves using the black and white template.

You should cut out these templates along the thick black border so that you have uniquely shaped 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts.

Below is an example of the black and white template:

Below is an example of the rainbow template:

Below are examples of the individual color templates:

These 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts are a wonderful way to positively reinforce your students for making progress towards their goal. If you want to take this a step further and recognize your students' accomplishments of achieving the goal that you have set for them, I have designed a matching student award certificate.

You can present this award to your students when they have reached their goal. There is a separate award to give to boys and girls. I have designed color and black and white copies of this award for you to choose from.

Your students will be excited to take their completed 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts home with them, along with their matching achievement award. Their parents will be impressed with the extra effort that you have put forth in positively reinforcing and encouraging your students to reach a goal that you have set for them.

Below are examples of the matching student award certificates
that included in this set of teaching resources set.

Many teachers like to make classroom bulletin board displays featuring their students' sticker and incentive charts. This 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts display will provide a strong visual reminder to your students of the goal that they are trying to achieve.

Bulletin board displays and preparing them take a lot of time for teachers. Many teachers spend their valuable time cutting out large display letters or making a banner on their own at home on their computer.

This time is valuable and better spent on developing your classroom curriculum and grading papers, so I have designed a matching 5 page display banner for your bulletin board. If you have access to a laminating machine, you can laminate your banner so that it is durable and you can use it year after year for your bulletin board display of these 100 Percent Club Sticker Charts.

You can purchase this set of teaching resources below.

100 Percent Club Sticker Charts
Teaching Resources Set


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  • Save and reuse this teaching resouce set forever!

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