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Essay on Circle of Friends

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Herrick Hernandez
Professor Ellen Six
Religion 3132
6 September 2012
Today Is like Yesterday
I just watched a wonderful movie called Circle of friends. The movie was based in Ireland in the 1950s. A place in time that was strongly influenced by the church. The movie pictured many ideals that still exist today, and at the same time I can definitely see how women are still in the same situation. There were three main girls that the film revolved around and showed the challenges of how their religion, culture, sexuality, and sex would clash. Like the girls of today, women are taught to keep themselves respectful by not giving themselves up to just any guy. In the movie the Catholic Church was the source of their morals and virtue, it…show more content…

So seeing what happens today happening back then amazed me.
Simon Westward’s reaction was also another typical role that a lot of men have been stereo typed to do. Like many men, he opted for an abortion, and Nan refused because she was Catholic. Many girls of today use that same reason or the simple fact that it is killing one’s life. The single parent family is one of the family types that commonly exist today. So Nan, with a Catholic upbringing, surprised me by boarding the ship to England to get an abortion. Benny’s journey throughout the movie was definitely on the other side of the spectrum; she had the positive and innocent side of things. She pictured the wonderful aspects of falling in love. It reminded me of my first crush and the stages of learning how to get a girlfriend. She really exemplified my thoughts of how girls are. Benny was respectful and truthful to her parents, kept her spiritual beliefs; she kept Jack on his toes and didn’t have sex like Nan. Even after all her genuine good, Benny does experience an unfortunate heartbreak. At one point even goes off that waiting for marriage was dumb and that she should’ve had sex with jack. However, in the end she is reciprocated with a happy ending of Jack, her first love, coming back to win her love. The roles these two women play are definitely still in our society and culture today. How Nan was portrayed as the unrighteous individual compared to Benny, who was looked at as the sweet, good girl.

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